679,00 €

Coming From : Sumba
Circa : Mid 20th Century

For the statue only : Length : 135 cm
Including with the stand or box (length x width x height) : 30 X 25 X 90 cm

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This is used for horse during Pasola. Pasola is the name of ancient war ritual war festival by two groups of selected Sumbanese men. They riding their colorful decorated selected horses fling wooden spears at each other. This traditional ceremony held in the way of uniquely and sympathetically traditional norms, every year. Pasola is a thanks giving ceremony to the ancestral spirit of people from West Sumba East Nusa Tenggara. More than 50 men riding horses which divided into two groups – from upper and lower villages. Before they start, the Rato ( Traditional priest leader ) Prays in between of two groups, then he throw a spear to start the game. Immediately followed by those horse riders race their horse and throw their spears toward the opponent over and over. This is a blood sacrifice! The festival occurs in Lamboya and Kodi. The main activity starts several days after the full moon and coincides with the yearly arrival to the shore of strange, and multihued sea worms – Nyale. The precise date of the event decided by Rato which is announced one or two weeks before the festival.

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