Ambre Babzoe arrived for the first time in Bali in 1998, she was 22 years old…

Seeing the skills of Balinese, she has realized how important it was for her to explore more about their culture, to understand embroidery, natural dyes, sewing and batik.

Most of her fabrics are printed by hand with carved wooden stamps.

She created her studio, and then she builded a factory with young women experts in both sewing and embroidery.

Over the years the company has grown and many women of the remote villages work for the brand. Today she counts around 800 women in the villages through Bali that beads, sew for la Maison Ambre Babzoe. The creations are painstaking, fine art…

Now with the development of the home ware line, Ambre Babzoe works with the finest craftsmen all over Bali, she combines wood, and rattan and shell…her universe has no boundary anymore…from accessories, to jewelry , clothes or home decoration the creation of Ambre Babzoe are playful and joyful… she brings you along with her on a  beautiful  journey.

E ach of her pieces are made by hand and are therefore Unique and are seeking a sustainable responsibility.