Ambre Babzoe, fashion designer, has always been lulled by different cultures and has grown imbued with these multiple influences. Student she is destined to a career of journalist, after brilliant studies in sociology and ethnology in the Sorbonne. But Amber is not one of those who follow a road too well traced! Traveller deep in her Soul, she sets out to conquer new horizons and decides to cross the globe: the Amazon, the West Indies, Arizona, Mauritania, the West Indies and india ... In 2000, on the verge of discovering the tribes of Southeast Asia, Ambre creates a jewelry line, which she wanted to sell in order to finance her trip. But once again, his designs take an unexpected turn as the success of his line of jewelry is as unexpected as it is instantaneous: the Eclaireur, one of the most prestigious multi - brand boutiques in Paris, had a crush on her collection, and so had the Bon Marche, or even Liberty in London…everything went very fast

A collection that accurately combines modernity and ethnic influences. Far from any folklore, the creations of Ambre Babzoe, multiply Zen forms, silver is brush, almost crude and often serious wise thoughts. A simplicity Chic, a quasi primitive design that immediately seduce in France as abroad.

La Creatrice

Her desires also led her to Bali where she finally settled in 2000. She set up a workshop for her jewelry and in 2004, began to make clothes and accessories for women, driven by artistic energy and artisanal wealth Of the island of Bali. The activity of lending to wear clothes and the success of the clothes Amber Babzoe, grows in France and beyond: the pieces of his collection have the particularity  to be for the most part entirely made by hand with a craft know-how.

Resolutely feminine, the style of its collections of ready to wear is declined in soft and feminine tonalities. Amber Babzoe superimposes natural materials, such as cotton veil or chiffon. The style is naturally casual and nonchalant, but always with a special signature.

As Ambre Babzoe is one of those people who are called esthetes, it is very natural that in 2005 she expanded her creations by turning to interior decoration or she signed 5 projects between Bali and the Islands: Gili trawangan.

Today Ambre Babzoe is what is called a Lifestyle or more precisely a # lifestyletrotter, creating cushions as well as furniture, candles, natural cosmetics.  Ambre is one  of those designers  who like to broaden the spectrum of their creations and who take pleasure to be renew herself constantly ..

It is in this sense that Ambre Babzoe is now available online or even in Sumba where she collaborates with one of the biggest resorts NIHIWATU. It is towards this philosophy that the designer decided to turn and prefers to undertake beautiful collaborations, or part of the profits of sales are reverse to the Sumba foundation for the schooling of the children of Sumba. Passionate about art and ethnology it also seemed to be obvious to set up an exhibition of art from all parts of Indonesia

Ambre Babzoe is also at the origin of the creation of the Casa Mahalo line where she collaborates with her friend Christophe Sauvat (founding member of Antik Batik brand), the duo plans to open their shop in Comporta in May 2017 and Lisbon October 2017 ….to be continued